BioTransformation of the textile industry - cordial invitation to the Press Rally

Thursday, 23 June 2022, from 3 pm

How can we accelerate the biotransformation of the textile industry?

We will show you this in our "Press Rally"

  • at Techtextil, Messe Frankfurt, Portalhaus, Via level, Room Frequency

on the basis of selected projects:

No. Title Topic Related link
1 BIOTEXFUTURE Conversion of the textile value chain from petroleum-based to bio-based BIOTEXFUTURE
2 INGRAIN From agricultural waste to high-tech INGRAIN
3 Bio4MatPro Local renewable raw materials instead of oil-based basic materials create high-quality bio-based products Bio4MatPro
4 'Textilfabrik 7.0' Establishing emission-free and digitalised textile production Textilfabrik 7.0
5 Recycling Atelier Recycling Atelier Augsburg - an efficient approach to successful textile recycling Recycling Atelier Augsburg

Prof. Dr. Maike Rabe, Research Institute for Textile and Clothing Technology at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries, ITA, cordially invite representatives of the press.

We look forward to seeing you there!