ITA PhD student Charlotte Büchter nominated for "Schnieder-Preis JUNGE MACHERINNEN“

ITA PhD student Charlotte Büchter Copyright: © ITA

ITA PhD student Charlotte Büchter was nominated by acatech for the „Schnieder-Preis JUNGE MACHERINNEN“ for her master's thesis "Cellularized PCL Based Braided Scaffolds for Tendon Tissue Engineering" on 2 June 2022. For her outstanding work, she received mentoring: researchers from among acatech members advise and support her for twelve months. The award ceremony took place on the tech transfer Stage at the Hanover Fair, Hanover, Germany.

  Schnieder Award Ceremony Copyright: © acatech

Charlotte Büchter completed a Master's degree in medical technology at RWTH Aachen University and is currently working on her doctorate at the ITA Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University. Professor Dr Thomas Gries, acatech member, had nominated her and characterised her Master's thesis as a complex transfer achievement. It lays an important foundation stone for the clinical testing of a new treatment method: tissue engineering. Among other things, it makes it possible to artificially replace torn ligaments.

The „Schnieder-Preis JUNGE MACHERINNEN“

With the „Schnieder-Preis JUNGE MACHERINNEN“, acatech aims to promote female talent in the technical sciences and motivate them to continue their careers.

The prize winners are selected by a jury. Once a year, they select excellent female Master's graduates in technical and natural sciences who are nominated by acatech members.