Well designed in the new year

Murata and ITA employees in front of the newly equipped machine Copyright: ITA

Murata and ITA employees in front of the newly equipped machine, source: ITA


Murata Machinery Ltd, Japan, manufacturer of advanced and innovative textile technologies, is launching a new multifilament winding process (MFW). In order to establish the process as an innovative and economical production technology for composite structures on the German and European market, Murata and the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, short ITA, started the cooperation and already installed a prototype of the machine at the ITA in 2017. In Nvember 2018, the Japanese engineers updated the machine at the ITA.

The multifilament winding process can be used to produce fiber composite structures such as profiles or pressure vessels. The components are characterized by a unidirectional fiber architecture without undulations, which significantly increases the mechanical properties in the fiber direction. At the same time, short cycle times and high cost-effectiveness can be achieved by manufacturing complete fiber layers in a single production step. The machine's limits were in the production of rotationally symmetrical components, the production of curved profiles was previously not possible.

In November 2018, four engineers and technicians from Murata travelled from Japan to Germany in order to expand and exploit MFW's capabilities and potential. The purpose of the visit was to upgrade the machine installed at the ITA to a new and more flexible hoop unit. In the original configuration, the so-called hoop unit with two degrees of freedom served the winding of 90° layers. The new hoop unit was additionally equipped with four additional degrees of freedom. The total of six degrees of freedom enable the production of two-dimensionally as well as three-dimensionally curved profiles. The technical properties of the new process and those of the curved wound components are now being investigated and evaluated at the ITA in cooperation with Murata.

The ITA would like to thank Murata Machinery for their support and is looking forward to further successful cooperation and projects.