Dr. Yiska Goldfeld, Israel Institute of Technology, receives Kármán Fellowship from RWTH Aachen University

Awardee Dr Goldfeld Copyright: ITA

Awardee Dr Yiska Goldfeld at the ITA machine hall, from left to right: Dr. Andreas Koch, Gözdem Dittel, Dr. Till Quadflieg (all ITA), Dr. Yiska Goldfeld (Technion), Professor Dr Thomas Gries (ITA), Gali Perry (Technion)


Dr Yiska Goldfeld, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, was awarded the Theodore of Kármán-Fellowship of RWTH Aachen University on 09.10.2018. As an expert in the field of "Intelligent Textile Concrete Structures" and with her expertise in Structural Health Monitoring, Dr Goldfeld made a significant contribution to research work and courses during her stay at the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, short ITA.

During her stay at the ITA, Dr Goldfeld gave a lecture on her research focus "Intelligent Structures Using Textile Reinforced Concrete". The award ceremony followed her presentation at the ITA.

Dr Goldfeld's stay enabled the planning and execution of joint research work in the field of "textile-reinforced intelligent pipe systems with integrated monitoring functions". Following this interdisciplinary exchange, a joint project on intelligent sensory textile concrete systems was applied for at GIF (German-Israel Founda-tion for Scientific Research and Development).

Professor Gries (ITA) and Professor Raupach (ibac) would like to thank Dr Goldfeld for their participation in the joint research and look forward to the future cooperation.

The goal of the Theodore von Kármán Fellowship is the interdisciplinary exchange of renowned guest scientists from all over the world and a better networking of the home universities with the RWTH Aachen University. As a high-tech state, Israel is one of the RWTH Aachen University's target countries for scientific funding