PMFHOUSING and ITA develop modular construction system for emergency shelters

Dr.-Ing. Magdalena Kimm (ITA) and Andreas Mohr (PMFHousing) Copyright: © Photo: Michael Grolms

High numbers of victims from earthquakes and flood disasters are often also due to inadequate design of houses, as studies of earthquakes prove. This has led Andreas Mohr, the founder of PMFHOUSING, to the idea to build, "storm and earthquake resistant houses in a modular design".


The houses he created consist of modules made of wooden frames and cross braces and are lined with textiles and filled with rigid foam as insulation against heat, cold, moisture and noise. They are equally suitable for emergency shelters and high-quality prefabricated houses and are manufactured as close as possible to the place of use to save effort and costs for transportation. The textile shells of the houses were created in collaboration with ITA and other industry partners and will be further optimized in future.

"PMFHOUSING's prefabricated house project is perfectly suited as support for flood disasters like the one in the Ahr valley, Germany," explains Dr Magdalena Kimm, ITA division manager for Construction Composites, and Andreas Mohr, PMFHousing. "This way, help can be provided quickly: In just under a week, a shell for a high-quality single-family home can be built with standardized construction modules and integrated insulation."

For more information, see the enclosed PMFHOUSING brochure.



Dr.-Ing. Magdalena Kimm

Head of Construction Composites