ITA Academy GmbH wins Digital Pioneer Award 2021

Digital Pioneer Awards ceremony at the digitalCHURCH Copyright: © digitalHUB Aachen e.V.; photo: Thomas Langens

Digital Pioneer Awards ceremony at the digitalCHURCH


ITA Academy GmbH was honoured to receive the Digital Pioneer Award at the Digital Summit Event in Aachen on June 09, 2021.

The Digital Pioneer Award is given to companies that drive digitalisation with digital business models, processes or digital products. ITA Academy GmbH was honoured with the Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen and its support of companies in their digital transformation.

Using the latest didactic methods, sophisticated solution concepts and state-of-the-art technologies, the DCC Aachen supports people in keeping up with the digital future and becoming pioneers in digital transformation. In order to make innovative solutions such as AI and digital assistance systems tangible, the ITA Academy founded the Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen together with McKinsey & Company in 2017. The DCC is a model factory 4.0 in which digital applications are demonstrated and taught using the example of a realistic factory. The DCC thus offers a learning environment for companies in which participants are supported in building up competencies in the field of digital transformation in the form of practical work-shops.

The digital pioneers are to be publicised as best-practice examples in order to sensitize regional SMEs to the topic of digitisation. Around the award of the digital pioneers, the digitalHUB Aachen e.V. rolls out effective marketing activities. The pioneers achieve high visibility through the various planned campaigns and advertising opportunities.