Orientation of Well-Dispersed Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in Melt-Spun Polymer Fibers and Its Impact on the Formation of the Semicrystalline Polymer Structure: A Combined Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering and Electron Tomography Study

Washington, DC / American Chemical Society (2013) [Fachzeitschriftenartikel]

Macromolecules : a publication of the American Chemical Society
Band: 46
Ausgabe: 14
Seite(n): 5604-5613

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Vad, Thomas
Wulfhorst, Johannes
Pan, Tian-Tian
Steinmann, Wilhelm
Dabringhaus, Sarah

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Beckers, Markus
Seide, Gunnar Henrik
Gries, Thomas
Sager, Wiebke F. C.
Heidelmann, Markus
Weirich, Thomas E.