stay[cly:n]: The fast solution for hygienic door handles

stay[cly:n] arm grip in use Copyright: ITA Academy

Pulling instead of pushing: The Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen contributes to the fight against the corona crisis. In order to slow down the spread of the Covid19 virus, the experts for 3D printing have developed a simple but effective plastic aid.


Door handles are among the most germ-contaminated objects in offices, factories, hospitals and retirement homes. "We asked ourselves what our contribution against the spread of viruses in the corona crisis could be. Our core competencies are digital production technologies. Therefore, we are now also producing arm handles from the 3D printer, with which doors can be opened without any hand contact", reports Nicolina Prass from the stay[cly:n] team.

  stay[cly:n] arm grip Copyright: ITA Academy stay[cly:n] arm grip

The stay[cly:n] arm grip is printed in a 3D printer. The material polylactide (PLA) is a bio-based plastic on sugar basis.

The arm handle fits on all standard door handles up to a diameter of approx. 20 mm and is quickly mounted. It consists of only two components and is supplied with four screws. If the stay[cly:n] arm handle does not fit on a door handle, the DCC team will be happy to produce an individual solution.

For every ten arm handles sold, DCC Aachen donates one copy to a neighbouring old people's and nursing home Aachen, Germany.

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