ITA Bachelorand wins Hamburg Aviation Young Talent Award

The lucky winners Copyright: Hamburg Aviation e.V., photographer: Jan Brandes

The lucky winners (Dominik Pridöhl: first row, second from right)


On November 14, the 56th Hamburg Aviation Forum hosted the Hamburg Aviation Young Talent Award for outstanding work on aviation-related topics. Dominik Pridöhl won first place with his bachelor thesis on "3D-printed fibre composite structures".

In his bachelor thesis, he developed an algorithm that calculates a fiber path for the 3D printing of reinforcement fibres by optimizing topology and material orientation. This significantly improves the design of 3D printing technology for continuous fibre-reinforced plastics.

The work was supervised on site by Mr. Konstantin Schubert of the company CTC GmbH. and were the contact persons for the thesis at ITA.