ITA-Runners - Sports success at the end of the season

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ITA-Runners - Sports success at the end of the season


On Friday 27 September, the annual company run around Campus Melaten took place again. A total of 18 runners of the ITA Runners (out of a total of more than 8000) competed on the 4.8 km and 9.6 km long lap. In autumnal weather, the runners went on to the race track at sunset. The runners were cheered on loudly by the ITA fan curve, led by Nicole Mevissen.

Maurice Zimmnau (130., 21:31 min) won the 4.8 km race. Closely followed by Tim Röding (172., 21:59 min) and the fastest woman Marion Strauf Amabile (78., 24:43 min). Together with Martin Scheurer (586., 24:49 min) the fast ITA runners could secure the 50th place in the mixed team ranking.

On the 9,6 km long track Martin Pelzer was able to burn a super time into the cold asphalt and secured with 33:32 min the overall victory like last year. With Adam Kot (8., 36:36 min), Max Schwab (10., 36:45 min)
min) and Richard Botschek (103., 41:27 min) could defend - again - the men's team ranking. Our fastest woman was Inga Noll (3., 40:10 min). Together with the three fastest ITA runners, she could reach the first place in the mixed team ranking.

A great success as the last highlight of the season even if a runner could not be there this time for health reasons: Daniel Wolters. We wish Daniel all the best and would be happy to attack and defend together again next year!