ATOS Wing from A.I.R. and ITA takes off

Copyright: Felix Rühle

The company A-I-R GmbH developed together with the ITA the new light aircraft "ATOS Wing" in the ZIM project "Inno-Wing" and presented it at the AERO Friedrichshafen from 10th to 13th April 2019.

ATOS Wing is particularly suitable for electric flying, sport flying and gliding. It allows a quiet and environmentally friendly take-off and a high payload thanks to its lightweight construction. ATOS Wing is therefore particularly interesting for hang-glider pilots, paraglider pilots, glider pilots andhang-glider pilots.

The Inno-Wing project deals with ultra-light electric gliding. ITA is researching in the field of innovative integral manufacturing methods for the production of lightweight composite parts to meet the special requirements of the structure of an electric aircraft.

The A-I-R GmbH with an annual sales volume of approx. 125 light aircrafts and gliders deals with the conception, development and production of high-tech aircraft. In the InnoWing project, a three-axle controlled, electrically self-launching aircraft in the 120 kilogram class has now been developed.



Hans-Christian Früh