HYBRID - ITA Reinforced! Innovation Day “Automation” and “Composite Testing and Sensor Integration”

Dienstag, 26. September, 10:00 - 15.30 Uhr

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

we are very glad to invite you to our upcoming ITA Innovation Day on „Automation & Composite Testing, Sensor Integration“ in cooperation with the trade associations Composites United and AVK on September 26th from 10 to 15.30 h. It is possible to participate in the event, both live or online via Zoom.

  • Registration: Please kindly register yourself for the online event following this link or send me a confirmation e-mail back to confirm your physical presence in Aachen.
  • Please find the agenda here
  • Location: ITA Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, Otto-Blumenthal-Str. 1, 52074 Aachen.

We are looking forward to our next exchange. 

Best regards on behalf of Prof. Thomas Gries, Dr. Christoph Greb and Dr. Michael Effing,

Mona Ziegler
Manager Marketing & Communications
+49 (0) 151 651 79 021,