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Our lectures are all taught in German only. They take place either in the winter – mid October to mid February – or in the summer term – mid April to mid July. Exams are offered every term. In winter from mid February to mid April, in summer from mid July to mid October.

Some of our lectures are given by qualified industry partners.

The scripts to our lectures can be obtained from the "ITA-Anmeldung", Otto-Blumenthal-Str. 1, 1st floor. They normally cost 15 €.


Our lectures at a glance

Course name Lecturer Scope CP Semester BSc/MSc
Textiltechnik 1 Gries L2/E1 4 WS BSc
Textiltechnik 2 Gries L2/E2 6 SS MSc
Textiltechnik 3 Gries L2/E2 6 WS MSc
Faserstoffe 1 Veit L2 3 WS BSc
Faserstoffe 2 Gries L2 3 SS BSc
Mess- und Prüfverfahren in der Textiltechnik Veit L2/E2 6 SS BSc
Forschungslabor Veit E4 5 WS/SS BSc

Technische Textilien

Gries L2/E2 6 SS MSc
Modellbildung und Simulation in der Kunststoff- und Textiltechnik Veit L2/E2 6 SS MSc
Vliesstoffe Röhring L2 + 2 days excursion 6 SS MSc
Ausgewählte Themen aus der Textiltechnik Veit et al. L2/E2 6 WS und SS MSc
Textile Füge- und Oberflächentechnologien Klopp L2/E2 6 SS MSc
Praxisübung Faserverbundwerkstoffe Greb et al. E2 1 SS MSc
Lectures by others with ITA part:
Bionik I Veit et al. L2/E1 4,5 WS MSc
Faserverbundwerkstoffe I Gries et al. L2/E2 6 WS MSc
Faserverbundwerkstoffe II Gries et al. L2/E2 6 SS MSc




What documents are given for the lectures?

For each lecture we offer a script which can be purchased for 20 € either after each lecture or from our study advisor.

The scripts for lectures from our industry partners are available either before each lecture or can be downloaded in the respective RWTH-online oder RWTH-moodle.

Why can I not download the scripts as pdf-files?

Because of copyright issues. We use figures provided by our industry partners and do hence not have the copyright to distribute them in electronic form.

Are all scripts available in German only?


Do I need any other materials beside the scripts (e.g. books)?

No. The script and the documentations to the exercises in RWTH moodle contain all necessary information in order to pass the exam.

In the last chapter of each script, there is a list of recommended reading if you want to get deeper into details.

What are the "Lernerfolgsfragen" und where do I find them?

In RWTH moodle there is a word document for each lecture called "Lernerfolgsfragen" for you to download. If you can answer all the questions you are well prepared for the exam questions.

The answers to the questions can be found in the script. There are no separate answer sheets.

How do I get access to the online lectures of ITA?

Login name and password are provided in RWTH-moodle. The online lectures are only made accessible to students enrolled at RWTH Aachen. This includes exchange students.

If you have not yet access to RWTH-moodle, please contact our study advisor.


Supporting literature for engineering students

Book "Die wissenschaftliche Arbeit" Copyright: © Hanser Verlag

The book "Die wissenschaftliche Arbeit" is aimed at engineering students. The link to the book is here. The book is only in German available. Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.