Textile Floor Coverings

Lecturer N.N.
Lecture hours currently not available
Scope L2/E2 (6 CP); block course and excursion
Script script available during lecture and from study advice office
Exam oral or written (depending on number of participants)
Course program Master
Semester winter

In dieser Vorlesung behandeln wir in Blockveranstaltungen alle wichtigen Verfahren zur Herstellung von Teppichbodenbelägen vom Rohstoff bis zum Recycling. Auch die Qualitätssicherung nimmt breiten Raum ein.

This lecture is given in German only. For your convenience, we have translated the contents.

The carpet manufacturing industry is one of the biggest branches within the German textile industry. This lecture is given by the Deputy Head of TFI an der RWTH Aachen e.V., a reknown expert in the field. Practical exercises and an excursion complete the lecture.

The topics:

  1. Fibers for carpets and floor coverings
  2. Yarns for carpets and floor coverings
  3. Production technologies for carpets and floor coverings
  4. Quality assurance in carpet and floor covering manufacturing