Selected Topics in Textile Technology

Lecturer Veit et al.
Lecture hours see RWTH online
Scope L2/E2 (6 CP)
Script scipts available as pdf files in l2p
Exam written
Course program Master
Semester winter and summer

This lecture is given in German only. For your convenience, we have translated the contents.

In this lecture we cover a new topic every week in the course of one year when this cycle is repeated. Some of the topics are presented by selected industry representatives, others by our scientific staff members.

In the exam, you can select from all the questions of the past 2 semesters. If you answer 50 % of all questions correctly, you get a 1.0.

The topics (examples, complete list in L2p):

  1. 3D-textiles and preforms
  2. Ceramic fibers
  3. Industrie 4.0 in textile technology
  4. Biopolymers
  5. Textile architecture
  6. Patents
  7. Medical Smart Textiles