Textile Technology 2

Lecturer Gries
Lecture times see RWTH online
Scope Lw/E2 (6 CP)
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Exam written
Course program Master
Semester summer


This lecture is taught in English only. For your convenience, we have translated the contents.

In this lecture, all relevant processes for the productin of yarns from staple fibers are explained. In the exercises, typical calculations from the different sub-processes are covered. During the practical lab exercises, you will get a hands-on experience on our machinery. We also cover concepts for innovation, take a look at textile history and at the end of the term we cover sustainable production and life cycle assessment in the textile industry.

The topics:

  1. Innovation, but right!
  2. History of textile manufacturing
  3. Spinning preparation
  4. Draw frame
  5. Combing
  6. Flyer
  7. Ring spinning
  8. Compact spinning
  9. Direckt spinning
  10. Winding
  11. OE-rotor spinning
  12. Air-jet spinning
  13. Non-conventional spinning processes