Publicly Funded Research


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the public sponsors and their respective project management agencies for the financial funding of our research projects. This includes in particular the Federal Ministries BMBF and BMWi, AiF, EU, DFG, the NRW state and many other organizations and foundations.


The projects at ITA are mostly carried out in close cooperation with the industry. The majority of the projects are designed to be multidisciplinary. For this purpose, we cooperate with other faculties of RWTH Aachen University and with a number of research institutes at other universities and organisations.

Topic Research Area Funding Start End
AgriTexSilMan-Made Fibre Technology BMBF20182020
ARP² - Automatic production of repair patches for fibre composite materialsComposites BMBF20182020
AutoComp3D - Development of a process for the automated production of complex, bionic short fiber composite structures using 3D-printed carrier forms wetted in fiber sludgeComposites ZIM20172020
BioV²alve - Biohybrid venous valve implant for minimally inva-sive therapy of chronic venous insufficiencyMedical Textiles EFRE.NRW20192022
BOA - Development of a physical bionic process for the removal of oil contamination from water using superhydrophobic functional textilesMan-Made Fibre Technology German Federal Environmental Foundation20192020
CarboYarnTextile Engineering AiF20182020
CompositesReloaded - Collaborative robots and flexible automation for composites productionComposites AiF20182020
ConForm - Development of an economical concrete moulding system for the production of structural components made out of fibre-reinforced compositesComposites ZIM20192021
Development of an ecological wall system with integrated composite insulation textile and a lightweight steel skeleton for modular prefabricated housesTextile Construction ZIM20182020
Dissolving on DemandMan-Made Fibre Technology BMBF20172020
EcoVessel - Cost-effective production of lightweight CFRP pressure vessels for the storage of gases and fluids in mobile applicationsComposites BMBF – Promotion of workshops and project application with Japan20182021
EMSHIELD - Development of a material made of recycled carbon fibres for shielding, reflection and absorption of elec-tromagnetic radiationProduct Development AiF/IGF20192020
FiberKlebMan-Made Fibre Technology IGF20192021
FlamPAFas - Development and investigation of new flame retardants based on phosphoric acrylates and methacrylates as additives for aliphatic polyamide fibres (PA)Man-Made Fibre Technology Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V. (FKT)20192021
Forschungskolleg Verbund.NRW - Increasing Resource Efficiency in the Use of Composite Materials and Constructions in the Civil Engineering SectorTextile Construction ministry of science, innovation and research; NRW20162020
FreshOnFresh - Malleable pre-impregnated textile reinforcement struc-tures for curing in concreteTextile Construction AiF20182020
GeniusTex - Smart Textile PlatformProduct Development BMWi20182020
GraSage - Modelling of electrical and thermal transport mechanisms in graphene-modified polymer compounds and fibresMan-Made Fibre Technology DFG20182020
HotTube - Development of an individually adaptable consolidation technique for curved profiles made of FRPComposites ZIM20182020
How2MultiWind - Development of a technical and economic design instrument for sustainable multifilament wound composite pressure vesselsComposites AiF20192020
HyPer-Organo - Development of an ultra-thin highperformance organic sheet for series componentsTextile Engineering IGF20182020
Ianis - Intraaneurysmal implant with flow modulating propertiesMedical Textiles European Regional Development Fund North Rhine-Westphalia (EFRE.NRW)20182021
LEDSensTex - LED and sensor-assisted wound therapy with textile wound dressingMedical Textiles BMBF20172020
Lightweight Pavement – LiPa - Development of a large-format, thin-walled and lightweight concrete floor slab in textile concrete constructionTextile Engineering ZIM20182020
LowProTex - Processing fine yarns using a textile stent graft as an example for "ultra-low profile" catheter systemsMedical Textiles AiF - IGF20182020
Membrane modules - Development of gas (vapor) separation hollow fibers based on green technology approach and new 3D woven design of membrane modulesMan-Made Fibre Technology DFG20192022
MiCoPlAST - Functionalized mineral composite materials as dielectric barrier in the process combination of dielectrically hindered gas discharge, mineral adsorber and bioscrubber for the treatment of exhaust air streamsTextile Construction ZIM20182020
MimiCartMedical Textiles Regenerative medicine crossing borders (RegMedXB)20172022
NCF-CAE - Simulation of Non-Crimp Fabrics based on Computational isogeometric shell elements, analytical averaging and experimental analysisComposites DFG20192021
NeoAcousticWeave - Development of a novel acoustic reinforcement fabric for violins made of CFRPComposites ZIM20182020
NowoVISION - Development of an optical measuring system for inline-evaluation of web qualitiy of carded nonwovensTextile Engineering AiF/ZIM20192021
OptiTFP - Development of a material- and load-path optimized TFP preform technology for the processing of multi-component mixed fibres in thermoplastic compositesComposites ZIM20182020
OrthoPreg - Development of a low-impregnation reinforcement textile with orthogonally equivalent strengths for the production of glass-fibre concrete componentsTextile Construction ZIM20192021
pHMed - Solution spun PLA fibres with pH-neutral degradation characteristicsMedical Textiles European Regional Development Fund North Rhine-Westphalia (EFRE.NRW)20172020
POF - Prediction and Modelling of thermal and optical treatment’s influence on the basis of structural properties of polymer optical fibresMan-Made Fibre Technology DFG20182020
PolyInt - Development of agricultural nets with integrated repulsive sub-stances for the repulsion of pest insectsMan-Made Fibre Technology BMWi (ZIM)20182021
PolyScan - Development of an online measuring device for the evaluation of the processability of polymers in plastic forming processes with high elongation ratesMan-Made Fibre Technology AiF ZIM20182020
Preformtransport - Development of packaging and transport solutions for textile 3D preformsComposites AiF20172020
PulmoStent2 - Validation of innovation potential of a biohybrid stent for use in the respiratory tractMedical Textiles BMBF20172020
ResistantMesh - Investigation on the interrelationships of textile parameters of thread production for the reduction of bacterial adhesionMedical Textiles BMBF KMU-innovativ20172020
SmartPipe - Research of a textile reinforced pipe system with integrated monitoring functionsTextile Construction BMBF20172020
SoftTex - Development of a process for the production of flat, semi-impregnated glass fibre hybrid rovingsMan-Made Fibre Technology AiF Projekt GmbH20182020
SoundTex - Development of a fabric with increased sound absorption capacity through the use of non-circular fibersMan-Made Fibre Technology ZIM20182020
SurfTexAntenna - Development of a production process and a development methodology for textile antennasTextile Engineering BMBF20182020
TailCo - Fibre composite structures based on tailor-made reinforcement productsComposites BMBF20182021
Tape2Demand - Tailored carbon fiber binder tapes for out-of-autoclave RTM and infusion processesComposites AiF20182020
TFPInsert - Development of a preforming process using TFP embroidery technology for direct integration of insertsComposites ZIM20192021
ThermoformSim - Multi-Scale Modelling of Thermoplastic Fibre Reinforced Composites during ThermoformingComposites DFG20172020
VariDrall - Innovative twisting unit for texturing spun-dyed filament yarnsTextile Engineering AiF (ZIM)20182020
VarioGlas - Development of a manufacturing process for glass fibers with varying diametersMan-Made Fibre Technology ZIM20182021
VerTex 4.0 - Development of a technology transfer concept for networking textile process chainsTextile Engineering AiF - IGF20192021
VibeGuide - Abrasion-resistant Yarn Guide for Texturing Spun-dyed Filament YarnsMan-Made Fibre Technology AiF ZIM20192021
WissProKMU - Future of Work: Design and NetworkingFuture of Work - SME - innovative and socially BMBF | Betreut durch Projektträger Karlsruhe (PTKA)20182021
Woven-PlusX - Fabric-based multi-axial laminates optimised for waste cuttingComposites AiF20182020
ZIM Leucht-Fahne (luminous flag)Man-Made Fibre Technology ZIM20182020
ZIM MadTex - Development of an innovative procedure for the functionalization and coating of novel textile wound dressings with a protein-based active ingredientMedical Textiles ZIM20182020
ZIM WashMan-Made Fibre Technology ZIM20172020