Finalised Projects


In the following list we document selected completed research projects, especially in the field of joint industrial research (funded by the AiF), for which a short report is available as pdf. Further completed research projects can be found on the German page of our homepage.

Subject Area of research Funding Project start Project end
MagCage - Textile magnesium implant with specific mechanical and geometric property profile for the treatment of large bone defects in long bones Medical Textiles AiF 2016 2018
TexPatch – Textile-based myocardial patch Medical Textiles START Program of the Medical Faculty of RWTH Aachen University 2016 2018
Tailored Prepreg – Flexible process chain for the fabrication of fibre reinforced plastics made of semi-impregnated, local adjusted fibre fabrics Composites AiF 2017 2019
OptiDrape Composites AiF 2017 2019
HEATex - Development of heat-exposed occupational safety textiles Textile Engineering ZIM 2017 2019
Hyper-NFK - Development of a high-performance natural fibre reinforced composite material for structural parts Composites AiF 2017 2019
FilaMem - Development of biofunctional hybrid membranes for permanent implant materials Medical Textiles Leitmarkt NeueWerkstoffe.NRW 2016 2019
FiberCap - Production of electrically capacitive tri-component fibres by addition of graphene in the melt spinning process Man-Made Fibre Technology DFG 2017 2019
CarboLase - Highly productive, automated and tailor-made just-in-time composites component production Composites OP.EFRE 2017 2019
Star-Tex - Starch-based Textiles: Cost-effective Textiles from Biopolymers Man-Made Fibre Technology Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe 2015 2018
AutoPreFoams final publication - „Preformtransport“ - Development of a process for the automated production of preforms using particle foam technology Composites AiF 2016 2018
CroCO2PETs “Cross-linkable CO2-Polyether polyols” Man-Made Fibre Technology European Institute of Innovation & Technology 2015 2018
CAST - Cardiac measuring shirt for telemedicine Medical Textiles Euostars-2 joint programme with co-funding from the Euopean Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme 2016 2018
Production of ropes from recycled material by reactive extrusion Man-Made Fibre Technology ZIM 2016 2018
PulOrgano - Development of fully and homogenously consolidated
fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite rods for use
in automotive roof struts
Composites ZIM 2016 2018
OPRA – Ear prothesis coupling structure Medical Textiles BMBF - KMU-innovativ 2013 2016
3D-Tuft - Development of an innovative 3D-Tuftingunit for the joining of textile preforms Composites ZIM 2015 2017
SMARTPRO – Lightweight, flexible and smart protective clothing for law enforcement personnel Medical Textiles EU 7.RP 2014 2017
BleNaBis Final dissimination - Blends of Natural and Biosynthethic fibres for eco-efficient yarns and carpets Textile Engineering AiF Cornet 2016 2018