Industry projects

Technology Transfer via ITA GmbH

ITA considers itself an implementation and industry-oriented research institute. One of our key tasks is know-how and technology transfer for the benefit of the relevant companies.

ITA GmbH is our industry partner for research and development field with a focus on (technical) textiles, chemical fibres, textile machinery, fibre reinforced composites, bio-hybrid & medical textiles as well as for technology transfer to other industries. The ITA GmbH offers with its industry know-how, comprehensive solutions along the textile chain and provides assistance in the transfer.

Through a close collaboration with the Institut für Textiltechnik and a steady growth in recent years, ITA GmbH forms the platform for our customers to work together in the field of new technologies and markets in the national but especially at international level.


Technology Transfer and Industry related research: ITA GmbH

  1. Service: From research to industrial application
  2. Results: Fast access to knowledge and research results
  3. Knowledge transfer: Direct transfer of research results to customers
  4. Partnership: Various possibilities of cooperation
  5. Flexible contracts: Drafting of contracts for research projects
  6. Project Management: Effective management of research projects