Career Development

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Human resource development means: We develop people in relevant innovation topics. With structured methods and our creativity we create innovative and economical solutions.



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Our human resource development focuses on the design and continuous adaptation of a roadmap for a more targeted development of our research assistants.

The requirement and task profile of this activity is diverse and challenging:

  • Acquisition and management of public and confidential research and development projects
  • Supervising students as student assistants or in performing student projects / thesis
  • Contact building and contact management to companies, associations and research partners
  • Presentation of research results at international conferences or trade shows and creation of specialized publications

To succeed in this task profile, achievement of academic excellence, ability to work independently, assumption of responsibility and communication skills are necessary. Furthermore, this activity also implies managerial responsibilities, whether in the supervision of students or in specific tasks and functions (for example, as a cross-technology leader, department head, etc.).

The aim of our human resource development is to develop the necessary skills in the course of the five-year doctoral studies, while considering individual strengths. Our human resource development plan for completing the doctorate is divided into the phases induction, development and advanced phase. Concrete activities are either independently carried out, by external speakers or implemented in cooperation with RWTH. Especially, the Center for Doctoral Studies at the RWTH offers an extremely broad and comprehensive seminar and workshop.

Research scientists in the period after their PhD (postdocs) often adopt advanced management responsibility at ITA. Be it as the head / deputy division head or as a research group leader. Alternatively, postdocs are employed for the deepening of scientific excellence and the development of a new research area. We offer individual development opportunities for the post docs as well. For e.g., the possibility of an MBA course: EMBA RWTH. The RWTH offers as part of the Center for Professional Leadership diverse training and development opportunities.