ITA Network

  • Our stakeholders are all the companies with whom we collaborate for joint research and development projects. The projects are acquired either through public funding by EU, federal or state ministry, foundations or other promoters, or in bilateral cooperation, which are designed generally confidential. We are also working with a large number of research institutes and chairs of RWTH Aachen, the Fraunhofer Society and numerous other universities at home and abroad.
  • Our network includes our students (RWTH or other universities in the country or abroad) who complete a significant part of their training at ITA and are integrated into ongoing research projects through lectures, student projects, as student assistants or through internships.
  • Of great importance are representatives of the press and media and the general public.
  • Our education is particularly well supported by our supporting association - the ‘Friends Association.
  • We place great emphasis on keeping in touch with our alumni and utilizing the contact for the benefit of both sides.