The "CO2 sock“ in "Power2Change" in Hattingen, Germany

The "CO2 sock“@Ausstellung Power2Change. Mission Energiewende Copyright: © Dr Mariann Juha  

The "CO2 sock“ " will be on display at the exhibition on the energy transition "Power2Change“ in Hattingen,. Power2Change will take place from 14 August to 11 December 2022 at the LWL Industrial Museum Henrichshütte and will address questions such as "Can we produce raw materials for medicines from CO₂ in the future?" Many scientists are working on new concepts and technologies for the energy transition - especially in the industrial sector.

The "CO2 sock“, i.e. a sock made with yarns that contain CO2, fits in well with the concept of the exhibition. Further information on the "CO2 sock“ can be found here and here.