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The textile industry is full of innovative ideas. Textile materials, invisible to most end users, play an important role in the functionality of technologies and products in a number of industries. Textile technologies are the enabler for the modern world. Our industry has been a major driver of technological development and will continue to do so in the future. TexSpace wants to support this: Bringing textile innovations to the market faster in order to increase the speed at which innovations can be realised. Let us pursue this goal together!

TexSpace is the first digital tool for innovation scouting in the field of technical textile technology. In addition to data, experts also help with the development of new technologies or business models. Learn more about our data services or development support. Use the free access to get to know our services and platform functions - just register here.

Together with our partner, Innoloft GmbH, and all players from industry, science and the startup scene, we look forward to producing textile innovations for a better world!

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