ITA Runners - unbeatable in the company race

ITA Runners Copyright: ITA

For the last running event of the 2018 season the ITA Runners started for the fourth time in a row at the Aachener Firmenlauf on 28.09.2018.


A total of 15 runners were in action for the ITA on the distances 7.2 km and 9.6 km. The weather on the race day was rather autumn weather (rain in the morning) and cool temperatures of 14 °C. Martin Pelzer - again the fastest ITA Runner - was able to secure 1st place overall and thus the victory over the 9.6 km (32:36 min). Shortly behind Max Schwab (7th place; 34:02 min), Klaus Vonberg (15th place; 35:25 min) and Daniel Wolters (27th place; 36:38 min) crossed the finish line, completing the fastest four men of the ITA Runners. With almost 1700 starters, the victory of the men's team classification was successfully defended. Fastest runner was Inga Noll on 5th place overall in the women's event (39:32 min), closely followed by Ann-Malin Schmidt (7th place; 40:23 min).

Full of trophies the running season 2018 for the ITA Runners comes to an end. There were many new runners and also the running club got a fresh breeze again. These are very good conditions for 2019 - when it will be again: ITA Runners at the top.