Premium AEROTEC, Faurecia, Solvay and ENGEL open technology platform for Development of thermoplastic composites (IRG CosiMo) in collaboration with the ITA Augsburg

Opening of the technology platform CosiMo Copyright: ITA Augsburg

Tape cutting ceremony of CoSiMo Industry Research Group: Helge von Selasinky (ITA - General Manager, Dr Norbert Müller(ENGEL - head of center for lightweight composite technologies), Dr Thomas Ehm (Premium AEROTEC - CEO), Franz Josef Pschierer (Bavarian Ministry of Economics, Energy and Technology - State Minister), Prof. Dr Stefan Schlichter (ITA – Managing Director), Fabrizio Ponte (Solvay - Vice President of Strategy, Business Development and Communication), Hassine Sioud (Faurecia - General Manager Business Unit Ultra lightweight structures and Battery powercase Systems), Wolgang Hehl (TZA – CEO Augsburg Innovationspark), source: ITA Augsburg, from left to right 

  1000 t press with workpiece feeding system for thermoplastic process route Copyright: ITA Augsburg 1000 t press with workpiece feeding system for thermoplastic process route

In the presence of the Bavarian State Minister for Economy, Energy and Technology, Mr. Franz-Josef Pschierer, the concept and the working objectives of the new research consortium was on 28 September 2018 presented and a new facility inaugurated.

Around the heart of the plant, a 1000 t press with an efficient workpiece feeding system, different technologies and concepts of the thermoplastic process route will be realised as part of a future production line. One already existing combination of thermoforming and injection moulding will be developed in the course of the project is supplemented by a larger production unit.


IRG CosiMo will be initiated by the increasing cost pressure in the international competition, the higher requirements for efficient lightweight construction, the necessity of digitisation of production and the converging number of units in the automobile and aviation sector. Dr Thomas Ehm, CEO of Premium AEROTEC, commented: "This is a very positive development for Premium AEROTEC. The project is the key to the next technological step in design and manufacturing modern primary structures. In this project we will not only focus on the application of the material, but also work out how the modern digitalised factory of the the future will look like."

"Thermoplastic composites have ideal prerequisites in terms of formability, joining technology, design, functional integration and cost-effectiveness. Critical factors such as cost reduction, scalability to larger quantities and realisation of larger components still have to reach industrial scale. This is addressed by IRG CosiMo in outstanding way" says Fabrizio Ponte, Vice President of Strategy, Business Development and Communication of the Solvay Composite Materials Global Business Unit.

In order to solve these challenges, companies in the IRG CosiMo have joined forces along the entire process chain. Beginning with the material used and the semi-finished products (Solvay), from the plant technology (ENGEL) to the user in aviation (Premium AEROTEC) and automotive (Faurecia) the partners form a complete process chain. Through the agile project management with the project management through the ITA Augsburg, compact project periods become possible. This allows a project focus, which is maximise target-oriented work and thus the required rapid implementations ensures.

"We are proud to have helped in the creation of this project and to have expect considerable synergy effects between the automotive and aerospace sectors at high and new products such as drones and air taxis" emphasizes Prof. Dr Stefan Schlichter, Managing Director of ITA Augsburg. In addition, the IRG CosiMo consortium plans to integrate further companies for the following projects subprojects and from institutes of the Research Campus Augsburg (University of Augsburg (MRM, ISSE), DLR-ZLP, Fraunhofer IGCV) on supplementary questions such as cigitisation or material- and function-specific design of components.

In the Technology Centre Augsburg (TZA), the consortium has found a suitable location for the construction of the technology platform in the form of a universal system. "In order to lightweight construction requirements of both the automotive and aerospace industries in the full to do justice to the scope, we need modular processing concepts, which at the same time sophisticated data management," explains Dr Norbert Müller, Head of the Technology centre for lightweight composites from ENGEL.

Premium AEROTEC, Faurecia and ITA Augsburg will also be part of the large project consortium, which is part of the Campus Carbon 4.0 Program of the Free State of Bavaria. The program is supported by public funding. This publicly funded consortium (CC4.0 CosiMo) is developing new materials and processes for the in-situ polymerization of caprolactam to polyamide 6 for Large series application in the automotive sector. Hassine Sioud, General Manager Business Unit Ultra Lightweight Structure and Battery Power Cases Systems at Faurecia Clean Mobility - Zero Emission Division says: "IRG CosiMo confirms Faurecia's commitment to the future of mobility we consider thermoplastic composites to be the key to achieving We consider thermoplastic composites to be the key to achieving the future demands on vehicle weight in terms of a positive environmental balance. Innovative materials help to integrate functions and meet customer requirements, optimised solutions and a high degree of design freedom.“

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