ITMA 2019: new 3D braiding machine - film

ITMA 2019: new 3D braiding machine - film
New 3D braiding machine in motion, source: ITA

Digital retrofitting of a 3D braiding machine for the production of three-dimensionally reinforced ceramic turbine components

Developed from an existing conventional mechanics, a 3D braiding machine was digitized and rebuilt according to industry 4.0 standard. This enables, for example, the prototyping and production of three-dimensionally reinforced ceramic components. As a virtual micro factory, the processing of very sensitive or brittle fibre materials can be simulated in an appropriate software environment. Subsequently, the process data is generated and the production is mapped in the real machine.

The process stability is thus almost doubled, the machine speed could be increased by 150 percent. The location-independent simulation and control software (open source) allows extremely flexible process planning and control of the process chain with a mobile terminal - in our application for the production of a textile preform for a ceramic component in turbine construction.

The exhibit demonstrates on the one hand the successful digital retro-fitting of analogous machines and on the other hand the holistic (virtual and real) process design for the processing of sensitive fibre materials, which are used in highly efficient energy conversion as lightweight construction materials.


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